Have you had a bad pre-workout experience which put you off forever?

Have you had a bad pre-workout experience which put you off forever?

In the past and even to this day, many pre-workout supplements can give you really horrible and uncomfortable side effects such as nausea, upset stomach, sleepless nights, and an intense itchy/tingly feeling.

Funnily enough we have heard from many people who tried a few pre workouts over the years and had such bad experiences like those listed above that they decided never to take pre workout ever again. 

Some of them have now become loyal customers of Flow State, swearing by our pre workout. Others have still been too scarred by their experiences to try it yet, but it’s just a matter of time! 


The founders of Flow State have also fallen into this category of people and hated taking pre-workout after trying different brands in the market. So, this is where the founders stepped in and created a pre-workout that doesn’t give you the side effects that many other supplements do, yet it delivers the best performance. 

Pre-workout with far less side effects

Finding a pre-workout that you can take without worrying about having an uncomfortable feeling or not getting the right amount of sleep is significant for your fitness journey. 

The right pre-workout can massively enhance your training performance, which will lead to better, and sometimes quicker, results. 

pre workout enhances performance

Because of how important pre workout supplements can be, we want to let the world know that we have spent a long time developing a pre-workout supplement that would overcome these nasty side effects. 

At Flow State, we have made it our mission to make this happen after all the bad pre-workout supplements we’ve tried on the market and all the bad experiences we’ve heard from others.

How did we do it?

We worked with specialist sports nutritionists and dietitians for a long time to develop this supplement.

During this time we realised that many pre workout supplements on the market use “grey-area” ingredients. Those ingredients which do not have much evidence to support their safety or efficacy. Moreover, we also realised that some brands use sneaky tactics to make you think that the supplement is "working”.  

Unnecessary Tingling & Itchy Feelings

One example of this is that many companies have half or less than the clinical dosage (3.2g) of beta-alanine in their supplements. The reason for this is - you will still feel the uncomfortable side effect of tingling and itching. 

So psychologically, you believe the pre workout is “working”. However in actual fact, you’re just getting the uncomfortable side effects and NO actual benefit from the beta alanine, which is meant to help you increase exercise capacity and reduce fatigue. Furthermore for you to get the full effect, you must supplement with it every single day. 


Flow State has chosen not to use this ingredient within their pre-workout supplement because of the uncomfortable feeling associated with it. Instead, Flow State opted for ingredients which deliver similar benefits but without the uncomfortable tingling and itchy feeling. 

Under dosed Ingredients

Another example is that many pre-workouts include a large dosage of caffeine while under dosing the rest of the ingredients. This way, you get a short-lived caffeine rush and think that the pre-workout is great for 30 mins or so before you experience the horrible caffeine crash, nausea and sleepless nights. 

Flow State has actually included a moderate caffeine dosage of 200mg and included alongside it, L-Theanine (200mg), which helps to keep the positive effects of the caffeine sustained throughout your workout whilst avoiding any caffeine crash whatsoever. 

Only safe and proven ingredients used

We did our best, through numerous trials with weight lifters, circuit trainers and professional-level athletes, to find a medium between peak performance and a comfortable user experience. 

We consciously avoided using ingredients which might be legal in some other countries, but are illegal or frowned upon in the UK and other countries, e.g. DMAA and DMHA. These substances for example cannot be used in professional sports and competition. 

We focused on finding an optimal balance between getting the great caffeine-related focus benefits and avoiding the caffeine crash and sleepless nights. To do this we included a dosage of L-Theanine equal to that of Caffeine (200mg). This is ideal for those who prefer to workout later in the day.  

We wanted to ensure you could increase your exercise capacity and be fuelled to train harder for longer. After countless rounds of testing, we found the combination of L-Citrulline 6g, Beetroot 400mg, and Rhodiola Rosea 400mg provided incredible endurance throughout your workout. It really helps you push through your plateaus and fuels you with immense energy. Honestly once you get started training you won’t want to stop! 

pre-workout benefits

To top it all off, we included some electrolytes to help you rehydrate before your workout without having to drink gallons of water. This pre workout contains the same amount of sodium (the most important electrolyte for rehydration) as you will find in a Lucozade Sport drink (200mg). 

Dosing for Best Results

We found that for those people who really like the big caffeine hit, they may get their best results from 1.25-1.5x scoops per serving, and these tend to be bigger bodybuilders or people who weigh in excess of 90kg. 

Equally, people doing a short 45 minutes workout can get optimal performance from 0.5-0.75x scoops per serving. 

On the whole, we have received incredible feedback from people that are from a variety of fitness backgrounds, such as combat sports & weight lifters to endurance athletes & HIIT training. 

happy customer working out

The time spent developing and testing this has clearly paid off!

Just starting out?

Do you have questions about the pre-workout and want to make sure you take the right one for you? Get in touch with us via our contact form, the team are more than happy to help you make the right decision.