What do you need for a great home workout?

What do you need for a great home workout?

Keeping fit and healthy has become a challenge for many of us now more than ever, due to what we now call our “new normal”. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or have just started your journey to become fitter and healthier, without a doubt, not being able to go to the gym has made this journey very difficult. 

Flow State resistance bands set for men and women 10-150lbs 11pcs

Home workouts can be very challenging due to many different factors like:

  • Not having a lot of space to workout
  • Not having enough space to store your training equipment
  • Not having a big budget to create a home gym
  • Not knowing what exercises to do for certain body parts

However challenging it may be, it is essential for us to keep fit during this time in order to boost our energy levels, build our immune systems and generally be happier. 

What equipment do you need to meet your fitness goals from home?

You’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to buy loads of different weights and machines to get a good workout at home! What you predominantly need is the right piece of equipment that will exercise your whole body, the same way gym equipment can. 

There are many affordable options for equipment which can be stored easily at home and used by anyone from fitness beginners to advanced fitness professionals. 

In this post we will be focusing on Resistance Bands and Suspension Trainers, as they can give you incredible results and they require very little space to use, store and carry around. 

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are great at helping you exercise your entire body the same way you would using certain equipment at the gym, replicating the effect of lifting weight. This makes them an essential piece of at-home workout equipment. 

Flow State resistance bands 11pcs set for home workout equipment

You can vary the weight without having to lug around 20kg plates to put on a bar and then find somewhere to store them at home, as well as paying extortionate fees to have them delivered. 

Resistance bands are versatile, lightweight and portable. They’re easy to store anywhere at home as they take up minimal space. Best of all, they're much cheaper than buying actual weights.

There are many different places where you can buy resistance bands and they typically come in a pack of 5, with each band having a different level of resistance. The highest levels of resistance really do challenge your body and give you a muscle pump as if you just had a good gym workout. You can also use multiple bands at once to really ramp up the resistance for those exercises you like to go heavier on. 

Flow State resistance bands with handles ankle straps and door anchor

Our resistance bands are high quality, durable and come with the following:

  • 2x handles
  • 2x ankle straps
  • a door anchor
  • resistance levels between 10-50lbs (most resistance bands sets on the market are between 10-30lbs) 

All round, this is the perfect start for a home workout kit. If you are new to using resistance bands, don’t stress! You will get access to our FREE e-guide with loads of exercises for all body parts, really helping you to kick start your home fitness journey. 

Suspension Trainer

If you are looking to build core strength and have an even more challenging workout, then you should consider getting a suspension trainer. It exercises all body parts in very different ways to conventional weight training. 

a man using suspension trainer at home

They are lightweight, easy to store and carry around with you. They’re also really easy to set up and use at home or outdoors. 

Suspension trainer exercises typically demand your entire body or at least multiple body parts to be engaged at the same time, which really builds your core body strength. It has many other benefits too, such as better coordination, balance, flexibility and great muscle toning. 

You often see people with great physiques using suspension trainers inside gyms, because they really do challenge your core body strength. Yet, they are simple pieces of training equipment that anyone can use. Seeing results in your increased core body strength will be surprisingly quick, which will have a great knock-on effect on your ability to lift more weight in the future and become stronger.

Flow State suspension trainer strap kit for home workout equipment

We offer a premium quality, lightweight and durable suspension trainer. It is very easy to set up and use, coming with:

  • an in-built door anchor for use at home
  • an adjustable strap for outdoor use

You also get a FREE exercise e-guide with 50+ exercises for your entire body. Overall provides you with everything you need to be able to take your home workouts to the next level. 

Your Complete Home Workout Set

We also have a Complete Resistance Set available, which comes with a suspension trainer,  resistance bands and access to our FREE eGuide of course. 

Flow State set of suspension trainer & resistance bands

Now you know exactly what you need when looking for an affordable option of home workout equipment, which still gives your body the full workout it needs to meet your fitness goals. 

Remember, having resistance bands and a suspension trainer means that as well as exercising at home, you can also take them literally anywhere with you to get a workout in wherever you are!