What equipment is needed for strength training?

What equipment is needed for strength training?

Strength training is a popular form of exercise, and for good reason. Strength training can help you build muscle, burn body fat, improve your posture, increase bone density and reduce the risk of injury. With all these benefits, it's easy to see why loads of people are adding more strength training sessions into their weekly workouts. 

Living in a normal time, strength training would be easy! You could go to the gym and use the bench press, load the olympic bars up with plates and do your shoulder press and squats etc. However, with gyms being closed, lots of people have found it very difficult to do strength training. 

Many people don't have the space at home for big equipment like free weights, benches or power racks which are required for many strength training exercises. Then there are some people don’t have the budget to spend hundreds of pounds on gym equipment for their home. And let’s not even mention the extortionate delivery fees! 

So, what can you use for proper strength training that is lightweight, portable and lighter on the budget?

What equipment do you need for strength training?

At Flow State, we focus on helping you achieve your fitness goals outside of the gym at an affordable price. So when it comes to choosing the right equipment for strength training, we highly recommend using a suspension trainer & resistance bands kit. They are lightweight, easy to set up and can be used almost anywhere. Many athletes, weight lifters, HIIT and fitness enthusiasts tend to use them during their home workout sessions to help improve strength, conditioning and endurance.

home suspension trainer kit for bodyweight exercise

When we don't have the luxury of going to the gym, it's vital that we find ways to stay fit and in shape without having to create our own gym at home. Not everyone has the money or space for weightlifting or other types of bulky exercise equipment, which is why you need an alternative solution. 

Using suspension training straps and resistance band equipment for strength training can work just as well as using weights. However, you need to know exactly how to use them properly in order to achieve your desired goals!

That’s why we provide you with an Online Exercise e-Guide with 50+ exercises covering all muscle groups and your core. 

Resistance training set

Our Resistance Training Set provides you with a Suspension Trainer and 5 x Weighted Resistance Bands. 

  • The suspension trainer has a sturdy door anchor built into the strap which can support up to 400kg! It comes with a separate adjustable strap for outdoor use on frames or trees etc. 
  • The resistance bands come with handles, adjustable ankle straps and a door anchor (can be used without the anchor too). You can get up to a maximum of 68kg!

This Home Exercise Kit is made for anyone who wants to challenge themselves with their exercise from home and find a way to achieve their fitness goals. You could be a fitness beginner, or a personal trainer, literally anyone can excel their strength training, endurance and fitness levels with this equipment. 

Bodyweight suspension trainer kit for outdoor training

There are exercises to suit all fitness levels. You can do a huge range of different exercises from weighted bicycle crunches to bodyweight bicep curls. If you really want to challenge yourself, you can try the Suspended Tricep Dips or the Suspended Pike exercise for your core. You’ll find out how to do these and loads more exercises in our Exercise Guide

Exercise bands can be used for a variety of resistance training exercises. These are Stackable Resistance Bands, meaning they allow you to easily vary the weight and find a resistance level that suits you between 10-150lbs (4-68kg). 

Now 68kg might not sound like a lot, but if you start doing negative or slower reps (e.g. taking weight slowly down on a bench press motion and exploding back up) instead of standard reps, this will massively help to increase your strength, explosive power and muscular endurance. 

Suspension trainers offer the ability to make strength gains indoors as well as outdoors. With a suspension trainer, there are many exercises you can do that involve compound movements which engage multiple body parts and have your core body working hard to support and balance your body. 

As well as building your core body strength, suspension trainer workouts will help you to improve your endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination. 

No matter how far you are along your fitness journey, a suspension trainer can really help you build core functional strength. There are beginner-level exercises all the way to advanced exercises that a Personal Trainer would even struggle to do a few repetitions of, and this is all covered in our Exercise Guide

Both pieces of equipment are generally much cheaper than your standard pieces of gym equipment, and they can easily be stored or carried around as they come in a small bag. 

If you have space and a big budget

If you have a good amount of space at home and a big-budget, you have a lot more freedom over what you can buy to help you exercise for strength gains and there are many options. 

As an important factor in strength training is training to lift your heaviest weights with only a couple of repetitions, dumbbells and a barbell with lots of weights would be a good starting point. 

To strengthen your upper body, a bench would be ideal as it provides the opportunity for you to do various exercises for your chest, back, shoulder and arms, with isolated and compound movements. 

A squat rack would be great as it allows you to comfortably push your maximum weight doing various types of squats without having to awkwardly try and take the bar from your shoulders to the ground. Equally, it can help you to more comfortably push your maximum weight doing shoulder press as the bar would start much higher up. 

Whichever choice you make, you should make sure that you have enough weight to test your limits and progress in small increments every week, so you can start testing and improving your strength. 

Start your fitness journey now

As people typically don't have space for equipment such as a bench, barbells & dumbells or may not want to spend hundreds of pounds buying this equipment and pay for excessive delivery fees, the resistance training set solution is a great and convenient substitute. It is lightweight, easy to carry around and put away. The best part is that these bits of equipment will still help you get strength gains. So, you now have no excuse to kickstart your fitness journey even with the gyms being closed right now.

Feel free to reach out to us for any questions regarding our Resistance training set and don't forget that you can get our Free e-guide with 50+ exercises for your entire body!