Why Do Some Pre Workout Supplements Make You Tingle?

Why Do Some Pre Workout Supplements Make You Tingle?

Pre-workout supplements are the ultimate go-to for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts trying to take their exercise performance to the next level. They generally give you a noticeable boost in energy, help focus your mind and fuel you with essential nutrients to help push your exercise performance. 

When taking some pre-workout supplements many people experience a strange and uncomfortable tingling sensation around their body, usually at the back of their hands, neck and face. Some people have noted feeling pins and needles, whilst others have often complained about experiencing an intense itchy feeling making them want to literally itch their skin off! 

The ingredient responsible for making you feel this uncomfortable tingling sensation is called Beta-Alanine (BA). 

Read on to find out more about why some people bear with the uncomfortable tingling feeling from some pre-workouts, but more importantly, you can find out more about one of our pre-workout supplements which provides a clean experience without compromising performance. 

Flow state's pre-workout

What is a pre-workout?

A pre-workout is a supplement that you take before exercising to improve your performance. They are designed for people who want to constantly take strides forward, pushing their bodies and performance to the maximum. They have been around for a long time, and there is no doubt that they are a favourite among athletes and people who exercise regularly.

A pre-workout which is correctly dosed with proven ingredients can help you get into the zone for your workout when you’re feeling tired, push past those plateaus you experience with certain exercises, and fuel you with incredible energy to help you keep going and not want to stop. As a result, this will help you get the results you’re working towards. 

Whether it’s getting stronger and lifting heavier weights, getting fitter, or getting shredded and pushing more reps; an evidence-based pre workout supplement which is clinically dosed will have you working out harder than ever before. 

When taking most pre-workouts, you can experience an uncomfortable tingling sensation in your fingertips, hands, and other areas of your body. Not many people like this strange feeling and not many actually understand why some pre-workouts make you tingle.

Why does pre workout make you tingle?

As we established, Beta-Alanine is the ingredient responsible for the tingling and itchy sensation. This sensation is actually a side-effect of Beta-Alanine known as Parasthesia. 

Dumb bells

When you take Beta-Alanine, it activates a group of receptors which are responsible for initiating itchiness in the skin. Whilst it is a harmless side-effect, many people still find it very uncomfortable and distracting. 

Lots of people still use pre workout supplements that contain Beta-Alanine because of the benefits it can have on your training, when taken correctly, such as helping to increase exercise capacity and decrease muscle fatigue. 

Funnily enough there are also lots of people who take Beta-Alanine without completely understanding how it works. For example, many think that the tingling sensation is just an indication that the supplement is working and kicking in. 

Even funnier still, many pre workout supplements on the market contain enough beta alanine for you to feel the tingles, but not enough to actually provide any benefit to your exercise. A clinical dose of Beta-Alanine, according to scientific studies, is 3.2g (grams). Yet the majority of pre workout supplements contain far less than this, closer to the region of 1.5-2g. 

The icing on the cake is that many research studies on Beta-Alanine highlight that you need to take it everyday over a long period of time to experience the benefits. If you only take it on the days you exercise, and you take less than 3.2g each time, it’s probably not going to provide you with the desired effects! 

So you can imagine there are lots of people out there feeling these uncomfortable and itchy tingles for absolutely no reason!   


Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that our bodies can produce, meaning that it doesn't need to be taken in from food. Most other amino acids are used to synthesize proteins, but Beta-alanine is used by your body alongside histidine to produce a substance called Carnosine. 

Supplementing with Beta-alanine has been scientifically shown to improve some measures of athletic performance, such as endurance and delayed muscle fatigue. However, not all research indicates positive effects of beta-alanine on athletic performance. Scientists are trying to determine why Beta-alanine might work better for some types of exercise than others. 

When taken correctly, we don’t doubt that Beta-Alanine can help improve your exercise performance. 

However, since many people (like us) don’t enjoy the itchy tingling feeling and the overall experience of taking Beta-Alanine, we created an advanced pre-workout formula that delivers just as good results as one with Beta-Alanine in. Best of all, it doesn’t leave you feeling like itching your face off every time you take it! 

Alternative options

As we mentioned above, lots of different athletes, from bodybuilders to professional fighters, use pre-workout to push their performance during training sessions. Pre-workouts can improve mood, reduce fatigue, elevate cognitive functions and enhance muscle endurance. Many people don’t want to stop taking pre-workouts because of these benefits, even though they don’t like how it makes them tingle. Luckily, there are alternatives which are just as effective. 

Flow State’s pre-workout supplement does not have Beta-alanine on the ingredients list. Customers who have used this supplement have been able to perform just as well, if not better, than when taking a regular pre-workout supplement, whilst reporting that they experienced no uncomfortable side effects. 

This Pre Workout is trusted and used by Elite level combat athletes across the UK to help them train harder and reach their peak performance. 

The supplement formula includes clinical dosages of other ingredients which can increase your time to fatigue and increase your exercise capacity, such as L-Citrulline, Beetroot extract and Rhodiola Rosea. So you can get a smooth and clean exercise experience with the best performance. 

It also contains a nootropic compound called Alpha GPC (Alpha-glycerophosphocholine), which studies show to enhance power output as well as having cognitive enhancing effects like improved memory. 

Just to top it off there is a small dose of Caffeine, which is coupled with an equal dose of L-Theanine, which means you won’t get the horrible “post-workout crash”. If you want to find out more about why lots of pre workout supplements give you a horrible post-workout crash, check out our new blog post coming soon.