How long before I train should I take the pre workout supplement?

  • Ideally 30-45 minutes.  

What are the ingredients in Flow State pre workout? 

  • L-Citrulline, Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Taurine, Alpha GPC, Rhodiola Rosea, Beetroot extract, Sodium Chloride, Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Theanine. 

I’ve tried pre workout supplements before and i didn't feel anything. Why is Flow State pre workout any different?

  • This supplement is driven by science. It contains clinical dosages of well-studied ingredients that are proven to deliver a benefit to your training. 

What is the maximum weight that the suspension cables can support?

  • Our suspension trainer can support up to 400kg weight. 

Where can i find a list of exercises i can do with this home exercise equipment? 

  • Please refer to the tab "Exercise Guides" on our menu and follow the instructions. You will be emailed download links to exercise guides for Suspension Trainer & Resistance and another guide for Booty Bands (loop resistance bands). 

Does the yoga exercise mat come with a bag/holder? 

  • Yes, this has a shoulder strap making it easier for you to carry around. 

Is it safe to use anti-bacterial wipes to clean this yoga mat? 

  • Yes, please allow the mat to dry before rolling it back up. 

I’ve tried pre workout supplements before that didn’t mix very well and tasted horrible. Are all pre workout supplements the same as this?

  • Absolutely not! We spent a long time in product development doing countless rounds of testing to ensure the taste, mixability and consistency of this supplement are flawless. Customer experience means everything to us! We place our customers at the centre of our product development.  

Is this pre workout supplement only for bodybuilders?

  • No! This supplement works incredibly well for bodybuilders and weight lifters, but also HIIT training, Combat sports and Endurance Sports. We have a range of customers from diverse fitness backgrounds who all LOVE this pre workout. 

Are all the ingredients in this pre workout safe?

  • Yes. This supplement was developed by specialist sports nutritionists and dietitians to ensure it is safe and highly effective. 

Does this pre workout give side effects like tingles, post-workout crash and anxiety?

  • No. We developed this pre workout to deliver a clean and smooth experience for customers without any uncomfortable side effects. Beta Alanine is the ingredient responsible for feeling tingling and itchy sensations so we remove this from our product development. We also included L-Theanine to overcome the caffeine crash often associated with pre workout supplements. 

How long before I train should I take the pre workout supplement?

  • Ideally 30-45 minutes.  

Should I still take a full dose of pre workout for a short 45 minute workout?

  • You can, however we recommend 50-75% of a single scoop for shorter workouts so that you aren't still buzzing afterwards.  

Can I use this pre workout supplement for home workouts?

  • Yes! Depending on the length of your workout, you can adjust the amount you consume as mentioned above for shorter workouts and in the "Directions" tab. 

Can I use Flow State Pre Workout to train late at night?

  • As this pre workout contains caffeine, it may not be advisable to consume late at night unless you have a high caffeine tolerance, or you don't need to sleep for a few hours. You can also consider reducing the dosage if you just need a bit energy before your workout.